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As a long established highly successful racing adviser,in the past, over 90% of my advices have been emanated from my
extensive array of "moles" and "connections" throughout the horse racing industry.However it has always been a
long held ambition of mine to devise a systematical method of betting which does not rely on "inside information", instead arriving
at selections by means of a methodically analytical approach to the form book without any outside input.

A couple of years ago I bumped into an old school friend, another racing buff, but with a sharp mathematical mind and I
suggested to him that we pool our "resources" in a quest to arrive at a system of betting which would yield regular worthwhile cash profits from
only a few bets per week.After many weeks of "fine tuning", we finally arrived at a method which we were convinced would provide us both
with a substantial second income
which can be used by the regular backer on a full or part time basis.

We then both "tried" the system for over 18 months theoretically betting to £25 point win bets and in that time were most delighted by the
impressive strike rate and prices of the winners,managing to accumulate "profits" of OVER £36,000 - an average of £700 PER WEEK! Now as well
as using the method ourselves , we now feel comfortable in offering the system to a selection of genuine backers of discretion who can be relied upon
not to disclose our system to all and sundry, thereby protecting the prices of the selections and of course the overall profitability.I am more than sure that this
system will re-establish your belief that it is indeed possible to make a worthwhile profit from betting without having to subscribe to tipping services or
spending hours and hours burning the midnight oil studying the form book.

Just to reiterate, the aim of the system is to make a good part or full time TAX FREE income from betting on horses depending
on how adventurous you want to be.It NEVER SELECTS SHORT PRICED OR ODDS ON BETS.In fact here are just SOME of the incredible recent
winners selected by this remarkle system:

WON 33/1, WON25/1, WON 20/1, WON 16/1, WON 14/1, WON 12/1, WON 10/1 ETC ETC....

The system is simplicity itself to operate - here are the facts;

  • Bets are found extremely easily from your daily paper or online

  • Operates all year round - every day there is horse racing

  • NO ODDS ON selections only good priced winners

  • Extremely impressive priced winners up to 33/1!

  • Average weekly profit - approximately £700 - TAX FREE - to  £25 win stakes

  • No need to buy any expensive form books

  • Yours to keep and profit from for as long as you wish

  • No following horses, trainers , owners of jockeys

  • No need to place bets on my behalf - all profits are yours

  • No need to purchase any "updates" to the system - once you own a copy it will last a lifetime

Here are the comments of a few people who have tried this system already:

"Quite incredibly simple, but at the same time remarkably profitable" - P Stokes-Lorry Driver

"Many thanks for enabling me to obtain a most welcome second income" - E.Williams-Accountant

"I didn`t realise it was so easy to make real cash profits from racing" E.Bowes-Full-Time Gambler

"I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to become a full time backer" - N. Owens-Gardener

"I have been betting for as long as I care to remember and have never made so much money from racing" - P.Harris- Self Employed

Hopefully you will now fully appreciate the tremendous profit potential of this remarkable system. At long last - REAL TAX FREE CASH PROFITS can be made by your
good self for just a few minutes work each day.Why not start on a part time basis until you fully realise that what I am claiming is 100% TRUE before giving up your regular employment to
concentrate on betting as a full time occupation and have more money and leisure time than you ever dreamed possible.Please remember that the above profits are quoted to only £25 point stake.
However as you start to accumulate real profits and therefore gain confidence in the system you may become more adventurous and wish to stake
more e.g £50 or £100 point stake - THE SKY REALLY IS THE LIMIT!

I therefore look forward to receiving your order and dispatching the full system to you so that you can get started in making a much better life for yourself during
the rest of the year and beyond.

Kindest Regards for now. Paul



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